Wild Turkey 101 Proof Bourbon Review

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It’s the granddaddy of the Wild Turkeys, the Wild Turkey 101! Its big, bold and badass. When fern bars reigned supreme during the 1970s and 1980s, Wild Turkey was one of the few distilleries to continue bottling at 101 Proof. It refused to compromise and continued its proud tradition of making Bourbon for Bourbon aficionados. For some reason, I don’t see Wild Turkey being popular in fern bars anyway; it clashes with the white wine spritzers (we like white wine spritzers but not the conformity). Rather, I see Wild Turkey being popular in the bars of my youth and it probably was (I didn’t actually drink anything other than Pepsi but I was allowed to hang out there with my dad and other kids accompanying their parents).

The Wild Turkey 101 is clear with a medium amber color. On the nose, the 101 has a medium intensity of raisins, dried figs, honey, heather, caramel, vanilla, rye, allspice and a hint of nutmeg. On the palate, the 101 is fiery with a pronounced intensity of caramel, vanilla, dried figs, honey, rye, allspice and a touch of cocoa. Long finish.

The next time you are looking for an intense, classical Bourbon for sipping or mixing, give Wild Turkey 101 a try.

It’s a true American classic!

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