What Does Your Favorite Vampire Drink?

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Vampire legends date back thousands of years and nearly every culture on the globe has at least one legend of these age-defying, blood-sucking creatures. Modern vampire lore began with Vlad the Impaler in Romania during the 15th century. Vlad was the inspiration for Dracula, arguably the most famous vampire. Since then, the vampire legend has only continued to grow. There are countless books, movies and TV shows that explore vampire culture for a number of reasons.

It’s not surprising that a number of famous vampires have emerged with some achieving rock-star status.Vampires are sexy if you’re into ultimate bad boy or girl type and they’re hopelessly conflicted. Achieving immortality comes with a price – vampires have no choice but to feed on humans and other animals to survive and live in constant jeopardy of losing whatever humanity they have left. With all that time on earth, it’s inevitable that a vampire will fall in love with a human and constantly fight the gnawing temptation to make their mate a main course. In honor of the release of Breaking Dawn, the latest in the Twilight series, we are diving into dark realms to see what your favorite vampire drinks or would love to sip on it blood wasn’t first on their list.

Vampire Bill from True Blood – Tru Blood, of course. If it wasn’t for Tru Blood, our favorite Bon Temps vamp would still be on the vampire down-low.

  • Edward from Twilight – the man of the hour! Given his Victorian sensibilities (and that his creator is Mormon), we picture Edward as an abstainer. We picture him favoring tea.

  • Vlad the Impaler – otherwise known as Dracula, this original modern vampire’s favorite drink would have been red wine from from home country of Transylvania (part of modern day Romania)

  • Damien from The Vampire Diaries – a daring, bad-ass vampire that likes Scotch on the rocks and lots of it, thank you!

  • Lestat from Interview with a Vampire – Lestat was a minor 18th French aristocrat that eventually became an arrogant vampire. His favorite drink would clearly by expensive French Champagne.

  • Lily Munster of The Munsters – Lily was an elegant woman ahead of her time in the 1960’s. But, her favorite drink would have been the Martini, a 60’s staple.  Imagine a cocktail party at the Munster’s house.

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