Tru (True) Blood: Not Just For Vampires Anymore

I love, love, love True Blood. I have read all of the books, watched the TV shows and even attended True Blood fan events through the Paley Center (for all of you True Blood fans out there, Vampire Eric and Werewolf Alcide look as good in person). Imagine my delight when we received a couple of Tru Bloods in the mail. And just in time for Halloween!

Tru Blood is a carbonated blood orange beverage with a kick of caffeine and other good for you ingredients. And, Tru Blood is in a bottle that is identical to the one that you see on TV. This helps you blend in with the vampires (or maybe helps the vampires blend in with the rest of us).

I was so excited about the Tru Blood that we cracked it open and gave it a try the very night we got it. I didn’t have any expectations but the Tru Blood was pretty good (imagine what the real Tru Blood is like). It was light and refreshing with a clean blood orange taste. We tried out the Tru Blood with a number of spirits and would recommend mixing it with vodka, gin and rum (in that order).

For something new and exciting this Halloween, serve up some Tru Blood. Vampires are still red hot and this beverage is good for those who like to imbibe and don’t. For some those who like to imbibe, give these drinks a try:

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