Trick or Treat: A Halloween Drinking Game

galliano_shot_drinks32.jpgChatting with the nice folks over at Instructables about Halloween, I was telling them how I was looking a fun, easy and adult Halloween drinking game to share with all of you. Leah, one of the great problem solvers they have over there, took the challenge and quickly came up with this dastardly contest. The game is called, what else, Trick or Treat, except instead of collecting loads of candy around the neighborhood, this one live up to its name.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The bartender serves two identical-looking drinks. One shot is the trick (as in nasty), one is the treat (as in tasty).
  2. The player chooses one; if they get tricked, and he/she holds it down, the good shot is free.

Another variation we came up with is a bit more interactive:

Instead of two drinks, there is just one and it can be good or gross. The player starts by picking from a pumpkin a slip of paper with one of many embarrassing things that you can do at a bar (kiss a stranger, dance on the bar, etc.). They player reads the task aloud to the crowd. The player then can choose either do the task or take the shot, not knowing if it is a trick or treat.

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