Toad’s Hollow Erik’s the Red – Wine Wednesday

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We apologize that this week’s Wine Wednesday is more like a Wine Thursday.  We have a new writer that has taken over this column that has been having technical issues.  I am resuming this week’s Wine Wednesday and bringing you a mighty fine wine from California (it’s not from any particular region because the grapes are sourced all over California).

Toad’s Hollow was a winery started in 1993 by Rodney Strong (of the Rodney Strong vineyard fame) and Todd Williams, the half-brother of Robin Williams, with the mission of making good wines at good prices.  Although both Rodney Strong and Todd Williams have passed on, Todd’s wife, Frankie, continues to operate the winery.  True to the vision of it’s founders, Toad’s Hollow continues to make good wines at great values.  No wine in the entire line of Toad’s Hollow wine sells for more than $20. 

In addition to the great wine that Toad Hollow makes, they have also done a great job at not taking wine too seriously and displaying the whimsey that its founders brought to the winery.  A toad, one of the winery’s mascots, is proudly displayed on each bottle of wine.  Both the toad and the badger, the winery’s other mascot, play a prominent role in the winery’s website.  It’s been awhile since I have seen such a cute website.  The website and the mascots help make the wine approachable.  We think that this is a great trait as the mystique of wine has scared off many consumer.  Maybe with its good wine, competitive price point and whimsical website help bring them back.

Erik’s the Red is a proprietary red blend consisting of a blend of Petit Syrah, Zinfandel, Syrah and a few other grapes.  The wine is named for one of the partners that continues to run the winery with Frankie Williams.  It’s a big, bold California wine.

Visually, the wine was a medium plus ruby color with viscous legs.  On the nose, the wine had a youthful, medium intensity of blackberry, brambleberry, black cherry, vanilla.  On the palate, the wine had medium acidity, medium tannin, high alcohol, medium plus body, medium use of oak, medium intensity of jammy blackberry, blueberry, bramblerry fruit plus vanilla and sweet spice.   Medium plus finish.  Good.  Extra points for the awesome label.

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