The Perfect Halloween Supper

alien1.jpgFrom Make Projects, the perfect and ghastly Halloween dinner! It may look gross but it all edible and, from what they say, tasty!

The featured drink is an Alien Autopsy Shooter, a layered combination of equal parts Irish Creme Liqueur, Mountain Dew and Grenadine. If the lighting is right, they may even glow a bit.

For a one-of-a-kind Halloween party, try making this supper for a group of friends. guaranteed to be a scary good time.

The entire menu includes:

  • Icy Hands Punch
  • Chilled Brain Spread
  • Peppered People Pate
  • Alien Autopsy Shooters
  • Eyes in Blood Sauce
  • Brain on a Plate
  • Chilled, Bloody Heart

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