The Perfect Drink For Every Occasion – Literary Monday

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If you are always looking for the perfect drink for any occasion, then this little book is the one for you.  In The Perfect Drink For Every Occasion, the author will help you find drinks to help with the problems in your life, drinks that will impress a myriad of people and drinks for major life events.  I was particularly fond of the categories entitled Marriage, Second Marriage and Third Marriage and Up.  For the third marriage and up, you get your own keg of beer!  The author then continues with drinks to suit your mood, the holidays and the seasons.  These drinks are then followed up by drinks for your favorite cities and drinks throughout history.  I liked the Blue Hawaii for London – not what one would expect – and the Flip to drink when thinking of the Revolutionary War!  I will have to make myself one the next time I settle down for a marathon on the History Channel.  Although the History Channel is more like the World War II channel but alas there is no drink for World World II (if you watch a World War I marathon, then you are in luck).  The book finishes off with alternatives for your favorite drinks, special situations and hangover cures.

This is a fun little book.  The drink recipes aren’t anything special, but I do appreciate the pairing of a drinks for almost any occasion.  The book is a great conversation piece, helps you find a drink for a special occasion and makes a great gift.

The Perfect Drink For Every Occasion

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