The Difference Between Tonic Water and Club Soda

Oh, water with bubbles, you have so many names: club soda, tonic water, sparkling water, mineral water … and more.

The Kitchn blog details the differences between each, when it matters which you use and when it doesn’t.

A question that’s probably plagued many home bartenders:

…What’s the difference between tonic water, mineral water, seltzer, carbonated water, and club soda? They all seem like fizzy water alternatives, and they may be identical. But could I, say, make one of those exquisitely refreshing-looking gin and tonics with the mineral water that I keep stashed in the fridge?

A good rule of thumb is that tonic water is good for mixing with just liquor because of its mineral flavor (think gin and tonic, vodka tonic), while its less-mineral-tasting cousin club soda is good for topping of sparkling cocktails that include other mixers and/or muddled elements (think Tom Collins, mojito).

Fizzy Waters – What’s the Difference? @ The Kitchn (via Liqurious)

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