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Essential Glassware – Snifter

Essential Glassware - Why you need snifters

Kahlúa White Leprechaun

Courtesy of Kahlúa.… Read more

The Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold (Irisih Absinthetini)

Courtesy of reader Katha.… Read more

Everybody’s Irish



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It will have you hopping!… Read more

Ring of Kerry

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Woodinville Age Your Own Whiskey Kit

Woodinville Age Your Own Whiskey Kit

Cupid’s Mark

Courtesy of Maker’s Mark.… Read more

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Bar

Party season’s over, it’s time to re-stock

By Chris Koch

This article originally appeared in

It’s not your fault, you tried very hard: armfuls of Charles Shaw, a case of Cava from World Market, a few bottles of the Captain for your party’s signature cocktail. Just 24 hours ago you felt well stocked, defended, a discount beverage moat dug deep around your liquor cabinet. It just simply wasn’t enough.

The marauders are gone now. … Read more

Hot Toddy

It’s cold season and this winter has been harsh. Having succumbed to the evil flu earlier this week, I decided to explore the aged old cure all, the hot toddy. I started with a tea-based toddy, but really took to a clove, cinnamon and lemon rind mix. Simmering those spices unleashes all their goodness and lets it get into your bones, really.

Of course, you’ll want to keep doing all the other things you need … Read more

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