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Irish Kiss

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Essential Glassware – Snifter

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If you enjoy drinking brandy or whiskey neat, then a snifter is essential glassware for your home bar.

This type of stemware is wide at the bottom with a narrower top. The shape allows you to swirl the spirit to coat the glass and directs the spirit’s aroma to your nose, heightening the aromatic experience of sipping cognac, scotch, bourbon or another aged, brown liquor you like.

Though they hold about six ounces, it’s best … Read more

Kahlúa White Leprechaun

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Everybody’s Irish



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It will have you hopping!… Read more

The Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold (Irisih Absinthetini)

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Ring of Kerry

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Woodinville Age Your Own Whiskey Kit

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Distilling your own whiskey at home is complicated … not to mention illegal. But if you want the satisfaction of making your own whiskey, here’s a kit that’s pretty close.

The Woodinville Age Your Own Whiskey kit comes with two bottles of 110-proof white dog unaged whiskey, an aging barrel, funnel, glasses and, of course, instructions. The barrel is pretty small at 2 liters so the whiskey will age in about three to six months.… Read more

Cupid’s Mark

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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Bar

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Party season’s over, it’s time to re-stock

By Chris Koch

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It’s not your fault, you tried very hard: armfuls of Charles Shaw, a case of Cava from World Market, a few bottles of the Captain for your party’s signature cocktail. Just 24 hours ago you felt well stocked, defended, a discount beverage moat dug deep around your liquor cabinet. It just simply wasn’t enough.

The marauders are gone now. … Read more

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