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Reader Opinion – Shaken or Stirred

We get a lot of email, we though t we should start sharing. This is from Shane

“According to old school bartenders, and in fact good bartenders, Manhattans, and Gin or Vodka martinis should never be shaken. Only drinks with fruit juice. According to Pat the old school bartender I work with, shaking said drinks does not allow the flavors to blend and give that smooth taste, it only makes them colder so you cannot … Read more

New Drinks

A bunch of new recipes sent to us by our awesome readers. Try ’em and lets us know what you think.

Magic Cooler
Punch in the Stomach
Humid in H-town
Orange Bomber
Tucson Martini
Dr. Peter Venkman

And our favorite, the One-Cheek Sneak—guaranteed to make you fart. Great for April Fools!

Thanks, everyone. Keep ’em coming!… Read more

Glamour Liqueur

They say it is a tropical fruit liqueur made with mangoes, papaya, passion friut and peaches. They sent us a drink recipe, but no bottle.

At least they have a pretty bottle and pretty girl on their website. If anyone knows how it tastes, let us know.


1/4 parts Glamour liqueur
1/8 parts vodka
5/8 parts cider (pear or apple)
8-12 dashes lemon juice… Read more

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Chicago Bar Serves Up $950 Cocktail

But will it get you drunk?

Red Ruby

– 1.5 ounces Grey Goose L’Orange vodka
– 0.5 ounce Hpnotiq cognac
– 0.5 ounce orange juice
– 0.25 ounce Pama (pomegranate) liqueur
– a splash Dom Perignon champagne
– 1 carat ruby, optional 

More… Read more

Ciroc Vodka

What is a “Ciroc Press”? 

Haven’t seen this cocktail. If anyone knows how to make it, let us know. Ciroc is an incredible French Vodka made from grapes. Yummy!

Ciroc Vodka… Read more

Drink of the Week – Black Punch


1 750 ml bottle vodka
2 packets grape Kool-Aid
3 quarts water
2 cups sugar
1 liter ginger ale


Make Kool Aide according to instructions using the water, sugar, and Kool Aide in a large punch bowl. After sugar is disolved, add a block of ice or dry ice. Then, mix in the vodka. Finally, when ready to serve add the ginger ale.

Serves 30. Frightening!… Read more

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Drink of the Week – Pacific Splash


2 oz vodka
2 oz cranapple juice
2 oz pineapple juice


Fill a collins glass with ice and add vodka. Fill with juices.

Thanks, Heidi!… Read more

Drink of the Week – Blue Motorcycle


1 oz tequila
1 oz rum
1 oz vodka
1 oz gin
1 oz blue curaçao
Sweet & sour mix
7 Up


Fill a collins glass with ice and add alcohol one by one. Fill with sour mix and top with of 7 Up. Garnish with a cherry.… Read more

Three Olives Vodka Review

English vodka! Who knew?

This super-premium vodka is more than just a fancy bottle; they have a snazzy website too. No, really, 3 Olives is a very smooth, crisp vodka that stands up to the big boys, and it comes in 6 flavors! The Cherry is featured in this week’s drink.

Three Olives Vodka… Read more

Filtering Cheap Vodka

We recommend saving the time and investing in a bottle of Ketel One.

“Oh My God It Burns!“… Read more

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