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Dangerous Drinks

The folks at Asylum asked, “now that Absinthe is legal and no longer so dangerous, what drinks are most dangerous?”

Well, they came up with a list. Included are favorites such as Moonshine, Everclear and various other potent concoctions from around the world.

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Absinthe Deemed Safe, So We Reveal Other Dangerous Drinks – Asylum

Of course, not drinking responsibly is dangerous now matter what you’re drinking.
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Blues Martini

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Absolut Pleasure

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The Slow Food Bar

The Slow Food Nation Conference in San Francisco recently and spirits were nicely represented. The slow food movement is a reaction to fast food that champions sustainable, local ingredients. The showing was a nice change for distilleries, who have not been the most eco-friendly. On hand were several Bay Area producers including Square One Vodka, Anchor, George Spirits, and No 209 Gin.

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Football Drinks & Cocktails

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College, NFL it is Fall and that means I don’t leave the house in Saturdays and rarely on a Sunday. What to do while watching 12 hours of straight football? Cocktails!

Convention Cocktails: Red or Blue?

It’s convention season! That special time that occurs every 4 years, where the nation’s political parties get together and confirm their nominees for President.

To celebrate, the ever-patriotic folks at SKYY Vodka & Cabo Wabo Tequila, created two cocktails for the occasion and rest of the election season. One red and one blue. No mixing!

Barack’s Rocks

    2 oz SKYY Infusions Citrus
    1 oz blue curaçao
    ½ squeezed lime
    3 oz Sprite or 7

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5 Intriguing Cocktail Names

From Apartment Theray’s Kitchn comes 5 Intriguing Cocktail Names. The article goes into detail on the origins of each. Here’s the list. We’ve also linked to the recipe for each.

1. Harvey Wallbanger
2. Negroni
3. Monkey Gland
4. Corpse Reviver (two versions: No. 1 & No. 2).
5. Fuzzy Navel

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