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The perfect martini for your Halloween party.… Read more


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Kahlúa Cryptini

Courtesy of Kahlúa.… Read more

Creepy-Crawly Jello Shots

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Bloody Brew

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Rhubarb Cosmo

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A different pink drink: Rhubarb Cosmo

Fuzzy Screw

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French Kiss

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Voodoo Daiquiri

It’ll put a spell on you! Courtesy of Lafitte’s Olde Blacksmith Shop Bar, Bourbon Street, New Orleans.… Read more

The Clockwork Oranje

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Created by cocktail master Giuseppe Gonzalez of New York’s Dutch Kills, Painkiller and Clover Club to show support for the Dutch Team in today’s World Cup final. You must remember that NYC was originally called New Amsterdam. So does that mean we should be rooting for Spain here in California? If you are rooting for Spain, try this recipe for Spanish Albondigas, which is kind of a meatball. Courtesy of Ketel One Oranje.… Read more