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New Videos – Cabo Shots & Sake

This is a an old post that has been updated

This week we follow the Misty and Lauren to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. They visit the Giggling Marlin, a bar notorious for shots. The girls are not disappointed when they are greeted with Jello Body Shots, upside down gravity shots and others. watch the video

We also went to Tokyo with the Thirsty Traveler. Ooops

There used to be a video here, but the … Read more

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Get Out Girls: Miami

It’s Super Bowl Weekend in Miami. These girls know how to have fun and there is not better place than South Beach. Follow these girls on a tour of awesome party places like the Shore Club, the Delano and the Ocean Avenue Strip. This video will give you a taste of off the field action going on this weekend.

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How To Get Free Drinks

The English video series “The Real Hustle” demonstrates two bar tricks that could get you a few freebies. Of course, use this power wisely and make sure your opponent hasn’t seen these videos:

Part One, The Hat Trick

Part Two, Geometry Lesson

More video… 

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Happy Repeal Day

Every December 5th we pause to remember the passing of the 21st Amendment, thus ending Prohibition. Yea, FDR!

The nice folks at sent us this fun bit of history. Dewar’s Scotch was the first legal whisky to arrive in the US, hitting New York’s South Street Seaport docks the moment the law was put into action. Joseph Kennedy, Sr. (JFK’s father) happened to be the US agent for the brand.

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The Beer Cannon

Milwaukee’s Best Light have made some great vidoes buy building a cannon that launches cans of beer (MBL of course) at all sorts of objects. I’m not really sure why they have a dartboard-like background as no one is keeping score. However, these guys are geniuses, launching beers at everything from a cantaloupe to a TV. AWESOME!

The Beer Cannon reminds me of days when David Letterman would through stuff off a building, I miss … Read more

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