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Happy Halloween!

The folks at Jib-Jab crated this hilarious video to get us in the mood for tricks & treats. You can send this and tons of other funny videos and jokes to all your friends. The first $5 is free.

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Octoberfest in Bavaria

October is wonderful time of year. Football, changing leaves, halloween and in Barvia it means Octoberfest. To Bavarians, this is a festival of hearty food, good music and awesome beer.… Read more

Two-Minute Beverage Chill

This is a handy tip for any aspiring bartender. Submerging the target beverage in a salted bath of cool water will hasten the cooling process and your drinking pleasure. Sprint (a site sponsor) has put together a fun site, full of videos to help you save time.

To chill a soft drink, wine or spirit fill a large bowl with ice and cold water. Add 1–2 cups of ice and target beverage stir for … Read more

How to Make Skittles Vodka – Video


Beer-Pouring Robot

The latest from Japan, the land of wacky cool drinking products comes the Asahi Beer Poring Robot. Features include:

    Stores and refrigerates 6 cans
    Programmable voice (male, female, or custom)
    Cleaning mode
    Child lock says it may take 3 minutes to pour the beer, but it’s a ROBOT! WAY COOL!

Check out the video:

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Sponsor Spotlight – Lemon Your Widmer

Widmer (one of the best Hefeweizens around) has a great new video site that features 3 young ad guys, lemons and lots of good beer.

The theme: How many ways can we get a wedge of lemon in to a glass of Widmer? What happens are a serious of creative and hilarious videos, ever thing from roller coaster to golf clubs, that deliver the fruit to the glass. You are all are encouraged to submit … Read more

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays. Who wouldn’t like a holiday that celebrates a historic ass kicking (except the French in this case) with lots of tequila, cerveza and Mexican food.

Tequila drinks…

Here’s a fun little video we found to help put you in the mood. Enjoy.
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Sponsor Spotlight – Wine Library TV

My first experience with Wine Library and Gary Vaynerchuk, its energetic Director of Operations, was on a snowy Friday afternoon just before St. Patrick’s Day. I made my way to Penn Station and onto the first train to Seacaucus, New Jersey. My associate met me there and we finished the rest of our journey to the Wine Library in Springfield, NJ. The impressive structure is truly a monument to the enjoyment of wines from all … Read more

Bartender’s Guide – A Cool Way to Drink & Serve Cocktails

From Idealist, the “Bartender’s Guide” is an interactive display and information system. It communicates with the aid of the surface of the drinks serving counter in a cocktail bar. There concentric stripes around the cocktail glasses appear. Their graduated colors provide information about the ingredients of the drink.

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There is also a similar idea to this called “iBar.” Here’s the link and a video of how it works:
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Beer-Launching Fridge

For the guy who has everything. This mini-fridge keeps beer icy cold and can accurately deliver it anywher in the room. Who doesn’t need this?

Watch the video:

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