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Chelsea Sidecar (Gin Sidecar)

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Dream Cocktail

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Gumbo Fizz

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Corpse Reviver #3

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Chicago Cocktail

A classic after-dinner drink from the city of big shoulders!Read more

City Slicker

Takes the edge off the rush.Read more

Between the Sheets

Careful! A few of these and you’ll be “between the sheets”!Read more

Apple Sidecar (Apple Car)

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Triple Sec & Cointreau

Q: Please tell me the flavors of Cointreau and Triple Sec.

A: Triple sec is orange in flavor; Cointreau is a specific brand of premium triple sec. Getting their flavor from curaçao oranges, triple sec is also referred to as white (clear) curaçao.

Also see blue curaçao!

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