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A Party For Repeal Day – A Happy End To Prohibition

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I have become a bit obsessed with Prohibition.  I just finished a great book called When The Rivers Ran Red, which chronicled Prohibition in Sonoma County and the impact that it had on the winemakers and the wine industry.  I rejoiced along with the winemakers with the Repeal of Prohibition.  We thought that we would throw a discussion of Repeal Day into the mix to make sure that everyone knew Prohibition ultimately had a happy … Read more

Absolut Icebar Stockholm Review

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On a recent trip to Stockholm, I dropped in to the Absolute Icebar Stockholm. It was cool, very cool! I had always wanted to stay at an ice hotel (and had read up on the one that is built in Quebec each year), but I didn’t really know what to expect. It was far more than I expected, and honestly, much colder than expected.

The Absolut Icebar Stockholm is hosted at the Nordic Sea Hotel … Read more

Cadenhead’s Scotch Shop

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I recently visited Scotland and stumbled upon Cadenhead’s, Scotland Oldest Independent Bottler. As it was a trip with my mom, who I may have mentioned would have been a prohibitionist if she lived 100 years ago, it clearly wasn’t a DOTW trip (and I hadn’t researched where to buy some great scotch). But, I wanted to make sure that I brought the hubby back a bottle or two of scotch that wasn’t available or readily … Read more

Boozehound Review – Literary Monday

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This week’s pick for Literary Monday is Boozehound – On the Trail of the Rare, the Obscure and the Overrated in Spirits.   The title pretty much sums up the author’s booze journey over the last 25 years that is chronicled in his tome.  As the current spirits columnist for the Washington Post, the former food writer to the Philadelphia Magazine, the editor to The Best American Travel Writing series and a contributor to many a … Read more

Absinthe Takes to the Air: Win 2 Tix on Virgin America

Le Tourment Vert Absinthe Francaise is now the first absinthe in the sky and it’s only on Virgin America. To launch mile-high absinthe cocktails in style, Le Tourment is giving away 2 Free Tickets to anywhere Virgin America flies. How can you win? Choose a city where Virgin America flies and share why you love to travel there (map above). So picture yourself enjoying Le Tourment at 40,000 feet as you jet off to a … Read more