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Guac This Way

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This week’s drinks comes to us from the new Food2 series Drinks with Alie & Georgia, a how-to video series featuring out-of-this world concoctions. Their creations include Liquid S’mores, the McNuggetini and, special for this week’s Super Bowl, drinkable guacamole. In “Guac This Way,” Alie and Georgia bring together their favorite Mexican flavors of mezcal, jalapeños, lime juice and avocados in this frosty margarita.

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Red Zone

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Sangrita is a traditional accompaniment to tequila. While there are many recipes for sangrita, most contain tomato juice, lime juice, chili sauce, pureed onions and salt.

(Want more? Browse our collection of Super Bowl & Football Cocktail recipes.)… Read more

Super Bowl XLV Cocktails

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America’s Day is almost upon us with two storied franchises facing off just outside of Dallas. For both the Packers and the Steelers, playing the Super Bowl in the Cowboy’s house has to give them some satisfaction. We can’t wait for a great game and the brands have been busy creating Packers-, Steelers- and football-themed drinks. No matter whom you’re rooting for, we have a drink for you to enjoy during the game. Some of … Read more

Golden Touchdown

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Steelers Squeeze

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Courtesy of Absolut Vodka.… Read more

Polamalu Punch

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Steelers Cider

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Packer’s ROCKS

Courtesy Absolut Wild Tea vodka.… Read more

Green Bay Gimlet

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Hump Day Liquor Links

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Super Bowl edition!

    JWZ spotted this incredibly garnished cocktail. Yes, that’s a quail egg!
    FoodSpring has an exciting Super Bowl “food-off” to get you in the mood for the big game.
    New site Squabbler launched today and who new Captain Morgan would be on there defending his vocation. His wife feels he needs get a regular job. What is a pirate to do?
    Monica Samuels conducts Sake School at Serious Eats. This lesson – Koji,

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