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Lynchburg Lemonade

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A refreshing cocktail named after Lynchburg, Tennessee, the sadly dry hometown of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery?(no samples to be had there).… Read more

Summer of ‘56

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Purple Melon’s Majesty

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This Fourth of July, celebrate “America the Beautiful” with this cocktail from Purity Vodka!

Mix a dash of red, a pinch of white, and a bit of blue to make the perfect patriotic blend of old world elegance and new school craftsmanship.

Patriot Punch

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Kiwi Strawberry Martini

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Cherry Cinnamon Punch

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This punch has the warmth of fall flavors but still cool enough to enjoy in the heat.

Grapefruit-Rosemary Mojito

post iconGrapefruit + Rosemary make friends in this tasty Mojito variation …Read More

10 Boozy Ways to Beat the Heat

post iconI don’t know about where you are … but where we are it’s damn hot! Here are some recipes to help you manage during this unseasonable heat wave. …Read More

Buon Giorno!

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Created by Sierra Zimei of the Seasons Bar and Lounge at Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco, courtesy of Campari.… Read more

Cerveza Nicola

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Served at Dish Osteria and Bar in Pittsburgh, courtesy of Campari.… Read more