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Ameica’s Cup Final – Skyy Vodka vs Shellback Rum

The Amercia's Cup Final is taking place here in San Francisco and two local brands are racing for the trophy.

Frangelico Truffle Cocktail

The Frangelico Truffle cocktail was created by leading Spirits Expert James Moreland. Hazelnut flavor continues to increase in popularity. At only 128 calories per cocktail – it is the perfect way for everyone to enjoy guilt free decadence this holiday.… Read more

Gabrielle’s X-Rated Kiss

Such a luxurious, simple drink, for such a high-maintenance housewife with high- society standards. A one time model, Gabrielle Solis wasn’t satisfied with one man, so she added the yard boy to her roster of lovers. But unlike Mrs. Solis, you’ll be a bit more faithful to this cocktail, though we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to have just one.

1.5 oz X- Rated Fusion Liqueur
1.5 oz Skyy Vodka
Drizzle of raspberry … Read more

Midori Shamrock

Courtesy of Midori.… Read more

SKYY Violet

Courtesy of Skyy Vodka.… Read more

Love Letter

Created by Adam Wilson of Beretta, courtesy Skyy Vodka.… Read more

Cupid’s Kiss

Courtesy of Skyy Vodka.… Read more

Hula Dancer’s Delight

Courtesy of Skyy Vodka.… Read more

Ghostly Skyy

Courtesy of Skyy Vodka.… Read more

Buon Giorno!

Created by Sierra Zimei of the Seasons Bar and Lounge at Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco, courtesy of Campari.… Read more

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