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Trick or Treat: A Halloween Drinking Game

Chatting with the nice folks over at Instructables about Halloween, I was telling them how I was looking a fun, easy and adult Halloween drinking game to share with all of you. Leah, one of the great problem solvers they have over there, took the challenge and quickly came up with this dastardly contest. The game is called, what else, Trick or Treat, except instead of collecting loads of candy around the neighborhood, this one … Read more

Shot in the Dark Glasses

    Perfect for Halloween, the bases of these 2 oz shot glasses are wrapped in glow-in-the-dark rubber. Made by über cool design shop SUCK UK, the rubber base is made of a glow in the dark material that glows green when the lights go out. Not only do they make finding your shot a snap, but it looks ultra spooky too.

SUCK UK – Shot in the Dark Glasses… Read more

This Week’s Drink – Red Death

Fall is here and Halloween is just a few short weeks away. So for the next five weeks we will be featuring Halloween Themed Cocktails. This week’s drink is called “Red Death” a combination of an Alabama Slammer and a Kamikaze. 


1 oz vodka
½ oz Southern Comfort
½ oz sloe gin
¼ oz triple sec
½ oz orange juice
¼ oz lime juice


Combine ingredients in a shaker filled with a cup … Read more

This Week’s Drink – Goose My Ass

It was bound to happen, a cocktail made with the new super concentrated energy drink 5-Hour Energy. Reader BB sends us this mixture of premium Grey Goose Vodka and high-octane 5-Hour Energy. Grab one and hold on!


2 oz Grey Goose
1 oz 5-hour Energy Drink


Add to Grey Goose and 5-hour Energy to cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake until well and strain into a shot glass.

Thanks, BB!… Read more

Suck & Blow

The perfect Valentine’s treat!

The Suck & Blow is a fun new way for people to share jello shots. Invented by Doug Hamer of South Carolina, the S&B, as it is known, is a jello shot encased in a six inch tube. What results is unabated, sexy fun. Two drinkers suck and blow to get the shot out of the tube. What a great ice breaker.

The folks at Suck & Blow sell DIY kits … Read more

New Videos – Cabo Shots & Sake

This is a an old post that has been updated

This week we follow the Misty and Lauren to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. They visit the Giggling Marlin, a bar notorious for shots. The girls are not disappointed when they are greeted with Jello Body Shots, upside down gravity shots and others. watch the video

We also went to Tokyo with the Thirsty Traveler. Ooops

There used to be a video here, but the … Read more

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How To Get Free Drinks

The English video series “The Real Hustle” demonstrates two bar tricks that could get you a few freebies. Of course, use this power wisely and make sure your opponent hasn’t seen these videos:

Part One, The Hat Trick

Part Two, Geometry Lesson

More video… 

Wisebread’s Top 5 Free Drink Hustles… Read more

This Week’s Drink – Bahareita

Happy Friday! This week’s drink comes to us from an anonymous reader who swears that the combination of cherries, Patron and chocolate milk sounds terrible, but tastes wonderful. It even helps with a hangover. Perfect for the holiday week we are embarking on today. Cheers!

Onto the Drink…… Read more

Ice Shot Glass Maker

Shot Glasses made of ice, not only are they disposable but they keep your shot icy cold. These silicon molds produce 4 shot glasses complete with accents of a real shot glass. Using fruit juice rather than water, adds a cool unique twist to any shot.

Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glass Mold
from Perpetual Kid

more Bar Gadgets and Gifts… Read more

Death by Fire

Less than two weeks until tricks, treats and drinks. Adults have made this ghoulish holiday one of the top party days of the year, and why not. You get to dress up, play games and act like a kid, all with adult beverages.
Yes, you can still have some candy corns.

We’ve got some great Halloween Cocktails shots and punches, including This Week’s Drink – Death By Fire, a crazy shot of Goldschlager, 151 and … Read more

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