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Cosmopolitan Dreams

Just in time for the release of Sex and the City 2, Cointreau asked legendary mixologist Dale DeGroff to put a new twist on the Cosmopolitan. Dale popularized the Cosmo back in the early 1990s at the Rainbow Room in New York. He whipped up a batch for Madonna and entourage after the Grammys. The media picked up photos of the Material Girl sipping a Cosmo and the rest is history.

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Samantha Jones’ Community Service

Sure you might have aligned yourself with Carrie, identified with Miranda or called yourself a Charlotte, but every woman’s at least a little jealous of the confident, outspoken, and oh-so-sexually-liberated Samantha Jones. The head of her own public relations company, this gal’s way more loyal to her friends than she is to her boyfriends…or the occasional girlfriend. For the amount of work she put in behind closed doors—and occasionally out in the open—Ms. Jones deserved … Read more

More Sex and the City 2 Cocktails

With the opening of Sex and the City 2, cocktail folks have been busy creating a slew of new drinks to celebrate.

This collection comes to us from Prairie Organic Vodka, a corn based vodka from Minnesota. Prairie is made by Phillips Distilling, a family run operation now in its 5th generation.

    Carrie Cosmo Red Headed Miranda Sultry Samantha Sweet Charlotte Mr. Bigtini

Courtesy Prairie Organic Vodka.

Sultry Samantha

Courtesy of Prairie Organic Vodka.… Read more

Sweet Charlotte

    3 parts Prairie Organic Vodka 4 parts green tea 1 tablespoon sugar 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

Shake over ice and strain into a sugar-rimmed martini glass.

Courtesy of Prairie Organic Vodka.… Read more

Mr. Bigtini

Courtesy of Prairie Organic Vodka.… Read more

Red-Headed Miranda

Courtesy of Prairie Organic Vodka.… Read more

Carrie Cosmo

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Cranberry Blueberry Cosmopolitan

Cranberry Blueberry Cosmopolitan Fashion-forward Carrie has an eclectic style and likes to make a statement by mixing different looks.

Mr. Manhattan

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