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The Bacardi Mojito

Taking it’s name for the African word “mojo” or “little spell,” the Mojito has its roots in from the time’s of Sir Francis Drake. One of his sailors invented a drink named the Draque, made with an early form of rum called Aquardiente, sugar, lime and mint. The drink was widely use for medical purposes in Havana. When Don Facundo Bacardi Masso began distilling his famous rum, he altered the Draque and it became the … Read more

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This Week’s Drink – The Crimson Tide

It is hot here in August, so I thought this tall rum cooler sent in by Ashley would be a welcome breeze. Cheers!

Onto the drink…… Read more

This Week’s Drink – Beach Buster

Sobe Nirvana and rum—could a drink taste more like summer? Try this out next time you find yourself at the beach. Cheers!

Onto the drink…
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Bacardi Brings the Bar to You

Bacardi launced a new service in the UK that brings the bar to your home, office or bar(?). The service, dubded Bacardi Bespoke is “a prestige service for the House party generation.

All those involved, from the Mixology team to the DJs and production designers, are leaders in their fields. And most importantly weve got you, our party hosts.”

We didn’t register so I don’t know what kinda scratch it takes to get these guys … Read more

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Drink of the Week – Blue Motorcycle


1 oz tequila
1 oz rum
1 oz vodka
1 oz gin
1 oz blue curaçao
Sweet & sour mix
7 Up


Fill a collins glass with ice and add alcohol one by one. Fill with sour mix and top with of 7 Up. Garnish with a cherry.… Read more

Lava Flow Recipe

Q: Do you have a recipe for Lava Flow?

A:… Read more

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