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Between the Sheets

Careful! A few of these and you’ll be “between the sheets”!Read more

National Rum Punch Day

Right on the heels of yesterday’s “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” September 20th is “National Rum Punch Day.” I did some digging to find the congressional decree and history of this one but came up empty-handed. Still, I like rum and I like punch so who cares? Let’s celebrate!

Helping us to get started, the folks over at Gosling’s Rum sent us the Bermuda Rum Swizzle, a mix of dark rum, gold rum and fruit

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5 Intriguing Cocktail Names

From Apartment Theray’s Kitchn comes 5 Intriguing Cocktail Names. The article goes into detail on the origins of each. Here’s the list. We’ve also linked to the recipe for each.

1. Harvey Wallbanger
2. Negroni
3. Monkey Gland
4. Corpse Reviver (two versions: No. 1 & No. 2).
5. Fuzzy Navel

Top 5 Intriguing Cocktail Names [Kitchn]… Read more

Scooby Snack

Reader Xpnsve sent us this tropical treat. What a great reward after those meddling kids foils yet another diabolical plan. It is a good thing that Fred drives the Mystery Machine, leave the snacks to Shaggy and Scooby. Go, Scoob!


¾ oz Malibu rum
¾ oz Midori melon liqueur
1 oz pineapple juice
½ oz half-and-half


Shake ingredients in a mixing cup with ice. Strain into 7-oz rocks glass and serve over ice.… Read more

Olympic Cocktails

Every four years the world gathers for the Olympic Games. In a few short days, the Games begin in Beijing, China. To celebrate the folks at Castle Brands created cocktails made with ingredients from the 4 corners if the world: Italian Limoncello, American Bourbon, Irish Whiskey and Bermudian Rum anchor this international cocktail relay. Have a favorite cocktail with and Olympic twist? We want to hear about it. Add your drink to the competition.

Bermuda… Read more

9 Piece Mojito Set

Check out this classy, inexpensive mojito set large enough to serve the whole gang.

The set includes a solid-wood muddler, recipe mixing glass, and 6 retro classic tall mojito glasses.

Rum, mint, sugar and ice sold separately.

9-Piece Mojito Set

Also, check out our mojito recipe!… Read more

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Flick Your Bic – Cocktail Lighters

Despite many cities and states banning smoking in bars, drinking and smoking still are fast friends. To remind us all, the folks at Bic recently created this these fun cocktail-themed lighters. So as you are lighting up, you can remember your favorite cocktail. Some of the drinks included are the Martini, Screwdriver and Mojito.… Read more

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Drinks for Dad – Classic Cocktails for Father’s Day

Dad is a classic and so are his cocktails.

No Midori Sours or piña coladas for good old Pops. Nope, our dad sips Manhattans and martinis. These are the cocktails that helped raise us all.



Father’s Day Links

Father’s Day Traditions from Around the World [Mental Floss]
Tailgator, Gas Powered Blender [DOTW]
Drinks for Dad: Classic Cocktails for Father’s Day
Father’s Day Masterclash: Heathcliff Huxtable vs. Al Bundy [Asylum]
Top 10 Manly Drinks … Read more

Shark Attack

Reader Tim invented this treat with his roomies.

Inspired by shark week on the Discovery Channel, this is what my roommates and I pieced together on HOT afternoon. Super sweet, super strong, and sea-foam green.


    ½ cup white rum
    ½ cup Southern Comfort
    ½ cup Hurricane Pucker
    ½ cup ginger ale
    1 cup white grape juice
    2 cups crushed ice


Mix everything in a large pitcher or punch bowl. Serve over ice in … Read more

A Memorial Day Toast

Today, we pause to remember those who have fought and fallen to protect our country. We must also tip our hat to those currently serving in Iraq & Afghanistan.


Military Drinks

    Black Hawk
    Navy Seal
    Orange Bomber

Origins of Hooah
10 Things to Know about Memorial Day… Read more

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