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Sweet Dreams

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 Courtesy of Patrón Tequila.… Read more

Patrón Talks To DOTW – Part 2

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In the second part of our interview with Greg Cohen, the Director of Communications for Patrón discusses his passion for tequila, the versatility of the spirit and tells us about exciting, new developments for the brand.

Drink of the Week (DOTW): What’s your favorite way to enjoy Patrón Tequila?
Greg Cohen (GC): One of the wonderful things about Patrón is it’s so versatile and it’s so mixable. Of course people drink Patrón in Margaritas, no … Read more

Patrón Talks To DOTW – Part 1

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This week I spoke with the Director of Communications for tequila mega-brand, Patrón. Greg Cohen discusses his passion for tequila, the versatility of the spirit and the practices and quality that have made Patrón a permanent fixture on shelves at home and in bars around the world.

Drink of the Week (DOTW): How long have you been with Patrón?
Greg Cohen (GC): For a number of years. I’ve been working with Patrón for at … Read more

Hump Day Liquor Links

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This week’s boozy links:

    How to tip in every major country or how to make the bartender your friend.
    When booze was banned and pot was not.
    Another new Vodka hits the market. This one is ‘smoothed’ in oak.
    Starbucks has a new size, trenta, and it’s bigger than your stomach.
    Camper English pays a visit to Patrón.
    Drink spirits gives its Las Vegas Top 5.
    Whisky in a can! Neatorama points out the folks

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Patrón Social Club

Patrón recently launched it’s new and improved “Patrón Social Club,” a place where tequila aficionados can learn more about the brand, ID their bottle, learn about Patrón-sponsored events, and try out some very good tequila cocktails.

What makes this different from the ordinary spirit brand website is the way they have brought in content from some of the blogosphere’s top voices. They include, Urbandaddy,, Daily Candy, and, and cover a wide range of … Read more

Give the Gift of Tequila

Why give a boring bottle of wine this year, with so many great spirits out there go crazy. We’ve assembled a variety of fine Tequila for easy gift giving.

Perfect for sipping and savoring, Cabo Uno Tequila will last beyond the holiday party and throughout the holiday season, to be cherished and enjoyed for years to come. Acknowledged as one of the finest 100% blue agave tequilas in the world, Cabo Uno is aged in … Read more