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New Year’s Eve Survival Tips

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Welcome to New Year’s Eve Weekend, 4 nights where we can all let loose and still have a day to recover. I thought we should take a moment to cover the basics for survival of all the drinking to ensue.

First, an article on mixing great drinks at home, not only will this help stretch your drinking budget, but using fresh mixers and premium spirits will help to ease that New Year’s Day Hangover. Don’t … Read more

Champagne Cocktails

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New Years Eve is just a few short days away, so get that bubbly chilled and ready to toast 2007. Champagne is great straight, but mixing it up can really help out the not-so-good stuff. Making champagne cocktails also is great for leftover bubbly. Apparently, sugar will help revive the bubbles in flat champagne. The original champagne cocktail is made with a sugar cube soaked with angostura bitters. The recipe has changed little since it’s … Read more

Black Velvet

This week’s drink comes to use from the nice people at Guinness. This drink adds a bit of holiday sophistication to perfection that is a freshly poured Guinness. Adding champagne gives this Irish classic just a hint of fruity sweetness. Truly a fine way to toast the holiday season. Brilliant!

    Onto the drink…

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