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May Is National BBQ Month!

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Whether it’s the brighter, sun-filled days that are finally beginning to last a little longer or the cool, three-day Memorial weekend, the month of May brings a lot of reasons to celebrate! While the notion of juicy, mouth-watering barbeques might conjure up images of beers, meat and merriment on a sweltering day in June, it’s actually May that has the honor of being National Barbecue Month.

Barbeques, while endlessly popular and necessary during the … Read more

Backyard Barbeque Michelada

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Father’s Day is around the corner and this year mix your Dad up a Backyard Barbeque Michelada, a cocktail created by mixologist Jim Meehan owner of PDT in New York City. He created this unique cocktail as the perfect accompaniment to an evening spent outdoors.

If you really want to impress Dad, turn him on to the new trend of flasktails. Get him a nice flask, fill it with a Backyard Barbeque Michelda. Dad will … Read more