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Witches, and Goblins, and Ghouls…Oh My! Celebrate this spooky Halloween holiday with Pinnacle Vodka’s festive Spellbound cocktail. Blended with notes of sour apple and spicy Atomic Hot, Spellbound is the perfect treat for any adult Halloween party.… Read more

Golden Gate Cocktail II

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Essential Glassware – Cocktail Glass (Martini Glass)

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If you love martinis, cosmos or lemon drops, then the cocktail glass (also called a martini glass) will be an essential ingredient of your home bar. How can anyone forget Carrie Bradshaw downing Cosmos in the iconic martini glass on Sex and the City? Thanks to Sex and the City, Cosmos arguably become the most popular (and talked about) drink of the 1990s.

The cocktail glass is the conical-shaped bowl that sits atop a stem. … Read more