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Drink What They Drink On Mad Men

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With another season of Mad Men starting up, w thought we’d dip in the archive and pull out some classic they’d be enjoying in the 1960s. Along with the hard drinking classics like Martinis and Manhattan’s, we see Vodka creeping onto the scene with the Moscow Mule and others. I choose a few tropical drinks, as the word is out that this season starts with a trip to Hawaii.  All three drinks are Waikiki stalwarts … Read more

Every Drink in Every Episode of Mad Men – Video

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from the folks at

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Last Call for Another Season of Mad Men

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Mad Men is one of our favorite shows and we can’t believe the season is ending already. Can’t they make the season longer? I mean, who can’t get enough of Don Drapper, the fashion and all the cocktail swigging. Seriously, my goal in life has become to have a booze cart in my office or cube, even if I can’t touch the stuff on the cart. It just looks awesome!

Earlier this season, we reviewed … Read more

Party Like a Mad Man

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If you’re planning a Mad Men-style party to welcome Don, Roger and Betty back this season, establish the mood with episodes of Mad Men (with the sound off) running on televisions strategically located in your party space. Your favorite Mad Men characters will virtually be guests at your affair! A little Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald playing quietly in the background will also help to set the mood. Let your guests know to dust off … Read more

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook – Literary Monday

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I love Mad Men, I love cookbooks and I love the 1960’s.  Imagine my pure delight when we received a copy of The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook – I was over the moon.  Truthfully, I had been eyeing the cookbook up on Amazon but the hubby begged me to not add to my collection.  Our small place groans under the weight of books and I can’t seem to stop my compulsion to buy more.  Recently, … Read more

Cocktail Casting Call: Mad Men

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The hottest Madison Avenue firm on television is back! This Sunday Mad Men kicks off it’s fifth season on AMC and you better not be caught with an empty glass when the show starts! If you’re looking to pour a stiff drink like Draper or savor a tall glass of Joan Harris, I have you covered as we have our very own Cocktail Casting Call just in time for the season premiere. 

Don Draper’s Old Read more

Mad Men Season 3 Premiere Cocktail Party

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Finally! Season 3 of Mad Men premieres August 16. And it’s just not Mad Men without booze.

Who can forget when Sally Draper mixed a Tom Collins for the grownups? Or when Don Draper wooed Rachel Menken with one of the prettiest Mai Tais I’ve ever seen? And of course there was Freddy Rumson’s … incident in the office after one Screwdriver too many.

So what better way to celebrate the start of this new … Read more

Decanter Picks Inspired by Mad Men

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Now that you have to wait patiently (or not-so-patiently) for the next season of “Mad Men,” why not bring a little bit of the Sterling Cooper booze scene into your life with a stylish decanter for your liquor?

Ranging from about $20 to nearly $2,000, there’s a decanter for every budget from switchboard operator to creative director.

I imagine that Joan Holloway would have the fun blue vodka decanter and glass set, while Don Draper … Read more