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Jameson’s Irish Whiskey Review

Jameson is a smooth whiskey without the harsh bite of American whiskeys or the sweetness of Canadian ones. It is great for sipping straight or on the rocks. It smoothness warms the insides without burning and makes THE best Irish Coffee.

Jameson… Read more

Suntory Hibiki Whisky Review

Last time we were in Japan, we brought back a bottle of Suntory Hibiki Whisky, and discovered one of the best blended whiskeys around! It is smooth without the sweet and warms you nicely.

Suntory Whisky is the product that brings Bob “Bill Murray” to Japan in the movie Lost in Translation. Which gives this brand some much deserved attention, they have been making whisky and other liqueurs in Japan since the 1850s. Suntory … Read more

The Johnnie Walker Portfolio

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According to the folks over at Johnnie Walker, more and more folks are drinking scotch, and I believe them. Apparently you can make all kinds of fun stuff like scotch margaritas and cosmos… hmm. I didn’t try any but people at the Johnnie Walker tasting in SF this blustery Friday night seemed to like them. I, of course, am a purist these days – limiting my self to “neat” or “on the rocks” servings of … Read more

Three Olives Vodka Review

English vodka! Who knew?

This super-premium vodka is more than just a fancy bottle; they have a snazzy website too. No, really, 3 Olives is a very smooth, crisp vodka that stands up to the big boys, and it comes in 6 flavors! The Cherry is featured in this week’s drink.

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Zygo: The Morning Vodka

If you need that pick up at the bar! Although this is the “moring vodka” try to wait until at least noon.

Zygo: The Morning Vodka… Read more

Redbreast Irish Whiskey Review

Smooth is the word for this premium 12-year-old whiskey from the makers of Jamesons. It is worth ever penny. Warms the insides!… Read more

Shakers Vodka Review

This is a fairly new addition to the list of super-premium vodkas and one of the few made in the USA. Made from Minnesota Grain and distilled 6 times, shakers vodka is super smooth with a slight vanilla after taste. Makes a terrific martini.

For more, visit… Read more

Cabo Wabo Tequila Review

Had a huge shot of this the other night. Maybe it was lack of salt & lime, but I didn’t think that Cabo Wabo measured up to other premium tequilas. Sammy must be hoping that being the “Red” Rocker can add $10 bucks a bottle, but for my money I’d rather drink Patrón!

For more, visit CaboWabo.… Read more

Hpnotiq Review

Q: I’ve heard of a new drink called Hypnotic. Do you know what’s in this?

A: Hpnotiq is a blend of premium French vodka, cognac and tropical fruit juices. Yum!… Read more

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