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Enjoy Some Irish Cheer With Irish Beers!

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Even if you lack true Irish heritage, I think we can all agree on the “musts” of St. Patrick’s Day: 1. You must wear pinch-proof green, and 2. You must drink good Irish beer.

So, here is a list of beers to try on Saturday, or any other day, that will truly bring out your “Irish smile.”

Magner’s Irish Cider
While Magner’s is not a beer, it is a hard cider. This cider is a … Read more

Try Your Luck With Irish Cocktails

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We’ll admit it, there may not be anything particularly Irish about these cocktails aside from the name and maybe the inclusion of a little bit of Irish whiskey. But, there’s one thing we do know for sure — you’ll love them!

    Apple Irish Coffee — a little cream in this brandy cocktails makes for a rich drink.
    Cucumber Irish Blessing — this vodka cocktail is minty and refreshing!
    Irish Tea Punch — add a little

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Irish Whiskey Cocktails For St. Patty’s Day

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There’s nothing quite like having a cocktail made with Irish whiskey for a St. Patrick’s celebration. Although there are many different types of this Irish spirit from single malt and single grain to blended, there’s definitely no mistaking the taste. Check out some of our tastiest Irish whiskey recipes to put some pep in your holiday step!

    Proper Irish Whiskey — get things started right with a proper Irish drink.
    Irish Apple Sauce — caramel

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Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It is not all about green beer, we’ve got some links to prove it! Have safe, fun, rollicking day.

    Creating an Irish Whiskey Cocktail
    St. Patrick’s’ Day Recipe Round Up
    iPhone Apps for St. Patrick’s Day
    How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Like an Irishman [via Mental Floss]
    How to Pour a Perfect Guinness
    Irish Drinking Toasts
    Green Your St. Patrick’s Day

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The Dublin Apple

Irish whiskey is good every day, but particularly appropriate on St.Patrick’s Day! Here’s another way to enjoy it, courtesy of Michael Collins Irish Whiskey:… Read more

Merry Irishman

Perfect after a big holiday dinner, this cocktail from Tullamore Dew is a wonderful mix of Irish whiskey, Kahlúa and a hint of mint. Courtesy of Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey.… Read more