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DOTW Talks to Pür Spirits

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A few weeks ago, DOTW sat down with Kiki Braverman, an amazing woman from the deepest of rural Bavaria. She’s reviving old European distilling traditions and importing her products to the U.S. under the name Pür Spirits. Her award-winning products are of the finest quality and adhere to her sustainable agriculture philosophy. She uses fresh, local ingredients and has perfected the distilling traditions of her culture and heritage.

Drink of the Week [DOTW]: What … Read more

DOTW Talks to Mixologist Jacques Bezuidenhout

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A few months back, DOTW was lucky enough to sit down with Jacques Bezuidenhout, the brand ambassador for Partida Tequila.  Jacques is an interesting fellow who is a master mixologist and tequila junkie.  Not something that I would expect from a guy hailing from South Africa.  Also, Jacques won the 2011 Brand Ambassador of the Year Award at Tales of the Cocktail.  I imagine it being a little like being the Miss America of the … Read more

DOTW Talks To Vidal Fleury

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We recently had a very special wine tasting with Guy Sarton du Jonchay, the winemaster of Vidal Fleury, where we tasted through the Vidal Fleury portfolio with Mr. du Jonchay.  During the tasting, we found out that Vidal Fleury is the oldest winery in the Rhone Valley having been established and in operation since 1781.  Imagine my excitement when I found out that Thomas Jefferson visited the winery in 1787 in his wine tour of … Read more

Patrón Talks To DOTW – Part 2

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In the second part of our interview with Greg Cohen, the Director of Communications for Patrón discusses his passion for tequila, the versatility of the spirit and tells us about exciting, new developments for the brand.

Drink of the Week (DOTW): What’s your favorite way to enjoy Patrón Tequila?
Greg Cohen (GC): One of the wonderful things about Patrón is it’s so versatile and it’s so mixable. Of course people drink Patrón in Margaritas, no … Read more

Patrón Talks To DOTW – Part 1

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This week I spoke with the Director of Communications for tequila mega-brand, Patrón. Greg Cohen discusses his passion for tequila, the versatility of the spirit and the practices and quality that have made Patrón a permanent fixture on shelves at home and in bars around the world.

Drink of the Week (DOTW): How long have you been with Patrón?
Greg Cohen (GC): For a number of years. I’ve been working with Patrón for at … Read more

DeKuyper Distillery Talks To DOTW

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This week we sat down with Marc de Kuyper, an 11th generation distiller in the DeKuyper Distillery.  de Kuyper spoke to us about his company’s launch of Mandarine Napoleon XO, a limited-edition of their Mandarine Napoleon line made with rare, aged cognac. We covered a number of topics including my love of lychee and DeKuyper’s Kwai Feh liqueur that is currently unavailable in the United States.

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