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Happy National Scotch Day!

Just in case you need an excuse to drink Scotch: Today is National Scotch Day. So drink a dram to celebrate! Scotch is a polarizing whisky … most people either love it or hate it. I fall into the “love it” camp.

The strong character of this whisky often makes it a challenge to mix, but when it’s done right, a Scotch cocktail can really blow your mind. Here are a few to try:

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Red, White and Blue Drinks for 4th of July

Red, White and Blue drinks for 4th of July!

Father’s Day Food & Drink recipes

Celebrate Father’s Day by eating and drinking … with Dad, of course!

Here are some recommendations for food and drink to help you say, “Thanks for being my Dad!” After all, he doesn’t need another tie or coffee mug.

    Manhattan or Martini — Traditional, strong and the best! If that sounds like your father, one of these may be the drink for him. Garnish with easy homemade cocktail cherries! Blood & Sand
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The Happy Dad

Here’s one from the archives.

What to get dear old dad for Father’s Day? Another tie, some after shave, a bottle of scotch? Forget that, we say mix pops up a fancy cocktail. He’ll be impressed with your bar skills as you shake him up this tangy mixture of vodka, Cointreau and Campari.

After two, you’ll certainly have a happy dad!

1 ½ oz Oval Vodka
¾ oz Cointreau
1 oz Campari
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Bourbon Balls

Bourbon Balls ... the Derby Day treat you'll want as leftovers!

Mother’s Day Brunch & Champagne Cocktail Recipes

One way to show your Mom she raised you right is to treat her to a homemade brunch!

Here are some wonderful brunch and champagne cocktail recipes to show your Mom that you love her.

Celebrate your Mom with a champagne toast and tasty meal. Happy Mother’s Day!

Champagne Cocktail Recipes
    Blackberry Champagne Cocktail  The Happy Mom Mimosa  Kir Royale  Orangecello Champagne Cocktail  Blood Orange Bellini  French Revolution Malibu Sparkler  Mama’s Malibu Martini Ultimate Indulgence
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Mother’s Day Blackberry Champagne Cocktail

Celebrate Mother's Day with a champagne cocktail made with blackberries and gin

Liquor Links

    The Sipping Seder – A site of Passover Cocktails Does the Perfect Bourbon Exist? – The Washington Post postulates All 68 NCAA Tournament Teams Ranked by Their Best Drunk College Food – Endless Simmer Fastest Bartender in the World – Zagat For alcohol brands, social media a stiff cocktail – CNet Six Pack Frame Cinch – The Awesomer Columbia Koozie Hoodie – Uncrate NY Times DIY Cooking Handbook. Sounds kinda like our new books DIY
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St. Patrick’s Day Links & Drinks

St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t always a day of drinking but has now become one of the top holidays for imbibing. So, what to drink? Cocktails, duh. Green beer is fine, but green cocktails are finer. Enjoy our collection of green and Irish-themed cocktails.

    Best Irish Pubs in San Francisco (7×7) The History of Corned Beef & Cabbage (Foodista) St. Patrick’s Day Toasts And just for kicks, learn how to fold a dollar bill into a
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Baileys Irish Ice

Courtesy of Baileys Irish Cream.… Read more

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