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Leprechauns in Mexico?

The folks at Cabo Wabo alerted us of this little known St. Patrick’s Day tidbit. More Mexicans celebrate St. Patty’s Day than the Irish and it’s all because of the fabled Mexican leprechaun. Are they for real?

As the legend goes, back in 1845 the Irish potato famine forced a clan of Leprechauns to embark from their homeland in search of greener pastures. Unfortunately, they weren’t the only ones scrambling to find a new life … Read more

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The Bass Brolly for a Perfect Black & Tan

This St. Patrick’s Day, make the perfect Black & Tan with your very own Brolly from Bass Ale. What is it? The Brolly, a British term for umbrella, is a triangular piece of metal with holes punched around the perimeter and 3 arms for packing atop your beer glass. Using this instead of the unreliable spoon back will result in a perfect Black & Tan every time. Best of all the Brolly is free on … Read more

Dirty Blonde

We met Shaylin in Las Vegas at Pure during the Stella Artois Draught Masters Competition. She wanted share an Irish drink with all of us for the upcoming holiday, and since we met over Stella, it is only appropriate that we use her.… Read more

Cork Comfort

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Green Agave

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and that means green drinks. And not just green beer! To remind us of this, Tequila Herradura sent along this very green tequila & melon cocktail. The shamrock shaped lime wedges are an awesome touch. If you have the skill we highly recommend giving it a try, your guests will love it. Courtesy of Tequila Herradura.

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Irish Buck

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Make St. Patrick’s Day An Official Holiday

This year, Guinness is taking the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day well beyond wearing green and pinching those who don’t. In response to overwhelming public sentiment, Guinness is supporting Proposition 3-17, a national movement to make St. Patrick’s Day an officially-recognized holiday.

The world’s most famous Irish stout aims to collect at least one million petitioned signatures by midnight on March 16; if successful, the Guinness Brewmaster will fly to Washington D.C. on St. Patrick’s … Read more

National Margarita Day

Reader Jen alerted us that it’s National Margarita Day! This was the first I had heard of it and can find little written, but why not? The Margarita is a classic, so let’s celebrate it.

Thanks, Jen!


1 ½ oz tequila
½ oz triple sec
1 oz lime juice or sweet & sour
Bar Salt
Lime squeeze (garnish)


In a shaker with ice combine tequila, triple sec, & lime juice. Shake well a … Read more

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Drunkest Presidents

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From Maxim comes this list of our 8 most liquor-soaked US Presidents. I am wondering how they narrowed down to only eight.

The list:

Martin Van Buren
Franklin Pierce
James Buchanan
Chester A. Arthur
Grover Cleveland
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Richard Nixon
George W. Bush

How did they miss Harding and as commenter Jason reminds us US Grant !?!

Americas Drunkest Presidents… Read more

Valentine’s Day Cocktails

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Whether you have sweetie to impress or are single and need to drown your sorrows (responsibly, of course) we have a some amazing, creative cocktails for you!