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Drinks for Dad – Classic Cocktails for Father’s Day

Dad is a classic and so are his cocktails.

No Midori Sours or piña coladas for good old Pops. Nope, our dad sips Manhattans and martinis. These are the cocktails that helped raise us all.



Father’s Day Links

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Drinks for Dad: Classic Cocktails for Father’s Day
Father’s Day Masterclash: Heathcliff Huxtable vs. Al Bundy [Asylum]
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The Ultimate Scotch Lovers Trip

Perfect for Father’s Day, Chivas Regal is offering a once in a lifetime journey to Scotland for two. The $120,000 week-long trip includes:

    First class airfare, helicopter and ground transportation
    Lodging, a private mansion with a full-service staff, world-class hospitality
    Privately prepared meals from one of Scotland’s most acclaimed chefs
    A round of golf at the World famous St. Andrew’s Link
    An intimate dinner with the Duke of Argyll at his home, Inveraray Castle (a

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A Memorial Day Toast

Today, we pause to remember those who have fought and fallen to protect our country. We must also tip our hat to those currently serving in Iraq & Afghanistan.


Military Drinks

    Black Hawk
    Navy Seal
    Orange Bomber

Origins of Hooah
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Movie MILFs and the Cocktails That Love Them

Happy Mother’s Day!

To help celebrate, X-Rate Fusion Liqueur created cocktails in honor of our favorite MILFs from TV and Film.

    Sweet Ben’s Pink Lemonade – Mrs Robinson in The Graduate, played by Anne Bancroft
    The Dean’s Wife – Marion Wormer in Animal House, played by Verna Bloom
    X Meeting Mrs. Bing – Chandler’s Mom in Friends, played by Morgan Fairchild
    The X-Rated Rec Room – Stifler’s mom in American Pie,

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Cinco de Mayo Cocktail & Links

Viva Mexico!

Happy Cinco de Mayo. We got links and this great cocktail!


2 ½ oz tequila
1 oz grenadine
1 oz Rose’s lime juice


Combine with ice in a shaker and mix well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a wedge of lime.

Tequila Cocktails
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Video of the Week – Cinco de Mayo

Join Bartender Weekly for some tequila shots and the story of Cinco de Mayo:

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April Fool’s

Seems like a good day for drinking? This day is one of fun, merriment and hoaxes. Of course, I have to work.

Apple Fool’s

1 shot (1 ½ oz) of sour apple schnapps
½ oz grenadine


Fill a tall glass tumbler with ice. Add Sour Apple schnapps and grenadine. Fill remainder of tumbler with lemonade. Serve.


1 shot (1 ½ oz) of amaretto
1 shot (1 ½ oz) of vodka… Read more

Guinness Cupcakes

Gena at Big City, Little Kitchen, made this variation of a Nigella Lawson recipe. The addition of a cup of Guinness not just makes these cakes perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, it makes them tasty too!

Big City, Little Kitchen – Beer Cupcakes! [via Craftzine]… Read more

Key Chain Breathalizer

Just for St. Patrick’s Day, CrunchGear reviewed this Key Chain Breathalizer that can be had for under $5 bucks. It even comes with a flashlight and stopwatch! Doug tested it and it works, even beat the penny trick. Still, he felt it is more of a toy, but for $5 who cares.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today everyone is Irish! Grab a green beer, a shot of Irish Whiskey and don something green.

Check out the official St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Dublin. Jameson is throwing a world wide party. See where to go in your town Jameson 360.

Irish whiskey reviews

Jameson 12
Tullamore Dew

A few St. Patrick’s Day Facts and Toasts. And just for kicks, learn how to fold a dollar bill into a shamrock.

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