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Crystal Head Vodka Review

Dan Aykroyd’s new Crystal Head Vodka is making its rounds on the Internets. Why shouldn’t it? Even if the vodka is no good, the bottle is a glass skull! Who would want to have few glass skulls around the house. The vodka comes complete with the story of the 13 Crystal Heads.

Aykroyd explains, “Brought together, the Crystal Heads are said to contain vast knowledge and enlightenment capable of unlocking our most enigmatic ancient mysteries. … Read more

Silent Night

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Patriotic Punch

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Christmas Cocktails

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The holidays, that month between Thanksgiving and New Years (with Christmas and Hanukkah thrown in) are cocktail party ground zero.

We’ve pulled together some ho ho hot cocktails and will be adding fun hor d’erve recipes, party ideas and other holiday cheers through out the season.

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Warm Winter Margarita
Updated Nog Martini
Twelve Days of Christmas Drinks -1 through 12
Twelve Days of Christmas Drinks – Day 9
Twelve Days of

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Caravella Cooler

It’s Labor Day weekend. Wow! This summer flew by. Having spent the better part of August in the hospital may have something to do with it. Luckily, here in San Francisco, summer begins on Labor Day! To help celebrate my getting back on my feet and this hot SF weekend, the folks at Caravella Limoncello—yes, they are a sponsor—have sent us a slew of cool cocktails. I choose this tall, easy party cooler to kick … Read more

Happy National Creamsicle Day!

Who knew there was a whole day devoted to one of the greatest popsicle ever, the Creamsicle? What a great idea! I enjoyed these so much as a child (and occasionally as an adult).

Yum. They are awesome!

Of course, we have a version that comes in a cocktail glass. Get the recipe here.

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Independence Day Omakase

Happy 4th. We’ve gathered a few fun links for your enjoyment!

10 Other Things That Happened on July 4th [Mental Floss]
Extreme Grilling []
Regional Recipes and Cocktails [Food Network]
Red, White & Booze
More 4th of July Cocktails [The Hostess Blog]

Fun debate on Asylum:

    America rejoins the British Empire
    Britain become the 51st State

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Patriot Tea

Happy Independence Day! To celebrate, we have an All American Bourbon cocktail that is perfect for your July 4th Barbecue. Patriot tea starts with a fresh brewed pitcher of iced tea, lemon and mint. American Honey, a 71-proof bourbon & honey-based liquor from Wild Turkey is then added to the tea giving it the sweetness of honey and, of course, Kentucky Bourbon.

Grab a tall glass, hit the lawn chair and get ready for some … Read more

July 4th Cocktails from SKYY & Campari

Our friends at Campari, the makers of SKYY, Campari, and Cabo Wabo, created a collection of refreshing new cocktails for Independence Day.

    All American Blue: Vodka, blue curaçao and white grape juice. Refreshing!
    Americano: This cocktail put Campari on the map when hardly an American had ever heard of Campari.
    Cherry Patriot: Cherry-infused vodka, whiskey, cointreau, sweet vermouth and a touch of lemon juice.
    Firecracker AKA Pomegranate Margarita: Tequila and some other stuff. Need we

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All American Blue


It is almost July 4th already. SKYY sent us this cocktail help keep you cool.


    2 oz SKYY vodka
    1 oz blue curaçao
    2 oz white grape juice
    Splash of soda


Pour all ingredients except soda in a shaker and shake hard. Pour into a highball glass with the ice and garnish with a lime or green apple slice.

Courtesy of SKYY Vodka. 
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