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Mistletoe Punch

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English Christmas Punch

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Kahlua Hot Chocolate

Courtesy of Kahlúa.… Read more

Naughty Nog

Created by Chef Blythe Beck, courtesy of Maker’s Mark.… Read more

Maker’s Mark Egg Nog

Courtesy of Maker’s Mark.… Read more

Macallan Amber Liqueur

Macallan’s Amber liqueur is so good that it’s worth sharing–even though it’s hard to find since they stopped making it. It’s a single-malt scotch liqueur with maple and pecan flavors. NOTCOT gave us some to try, and if you’re curious there are sources online for procuring a bottle. It smells like scotch and maple syrup! Have I built up enough of a demand and air of mystery?

The light smokiness of the scotch pairs perfectly … Read more

Happy Repeal Day – “Cinco de Drinco”

Way back in 1933 the USA was gripped with an economic depression and to make matters worse, a prohibition on alcohol. The Eighteenth Amendment, “Prohibition,” set the act of getting a decent cocktail back years. Unless of course you were rich, then one could still get the good stuff (with a doctor’s note). The great bartenders all fled to Europe or Latin America as they were now outlaws at home. Drinkers were forced to go … Read more

Laughter in the Dark

Laughter in the Dark, a fun tropical rum cocktail

Hump Day Liquor Links

Random drinking links? Yep, we got that.

    The Famous Grouse becomes a bit more famous. Eatocracy shares its guide to stocking your bar for a happy, sane holiday. Flying is getting boozier at the airport and in the air. Tipsy Wine Testing Glass. The stories behind 11 famous cocktails. A gift guide for the serious imbiber from, well, Serious Eats. More random drinking facts from Alcademics. Alcoholic whipped cream. What can we say? What? Anyone?
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Mulled Cider

Mulled Cider is a traditional holiday party punch that's sure to please
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