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Frangelico Review

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Italy has a long tradition of making spirits and liqueurs.  However, you might not know it as Italy isn’t famed for their spirits or liqueurs.  In fact, when you think of Italy and spirits, you probably think of Grappa.  But, there is definitely more to Italian spirits than Grappa.   One of them is called noisette, which are liqueurs that are made by soaking nuts in alcohol and then distilling part of the infusion again.  Similar … Read more

Black Grouse (and the Black & Blue cocktail)

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The makers of Famous Grouse blended scotch have a new offering: Black Grouse. The new guy is a blend of smoky, peaty malts and Famous Grouse. It seems like an attempt to snare scotch fans who prefer single malt Islay to the blends but are looking for an affordable, everyday (and possibly mixable) alternative. It goes for about $25–$30 a bottle.

A pleasantly smoky nose is followed by a nice peated start on the front … Read more