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Spin, Spin Sugar

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Starting November 16, W Los Angeles – Westwood will transform its world-renowned WET pool deck into CHILL, a stunning winter escape that brings a taste of winter to Southern California. In addition to the beautiful décor and outdoor ice-skating rink, mixologist Natalie Fernie will create a variety of magnificent mélanges that will be offered at the ICE BAR.

After you take a spin around the rink, relax with this fusion of vodka, white crème de … Read more

Hiram Walker Creme de Menthe Review

post iconIn keeping with this week’s Mad Men theme, we are reviewing the Hiram Walker Creme de Menthe. Creme de Menthe was incredibly popular in the 1960′s and for good reason – it’s delicious. It makes me sad that we miss out on so much that is yummy and good by wanting to do the opposite of what our parents and grandparents did. I really think that we lose out on some truly delicious food and drink that way. Sometimes, we are rescued from the error of our ways by a glimmer through the vastness of time. That glimmer for the 1960′s is Mad Men. And, lucky for us, the fashion, the food and most importantly, the drink has come roaring back. …Read More

Scottish Grasshopper

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Shamrock #3

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Shamrock #2


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Shamrock #1

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J.J.’s Shamrock

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Irish Flag #2


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Shamrock Shake


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Everybody’s Irish



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