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Happy National Rum Day

Today, August 16th, we celebrate rum, the wonderful spirit that is the base of many classic cocktails including the Daiquiri, Mai Tai and Piña Colada. Rum was instrumental in the growth of the American colonies, Australia and was a staple for British sailors until 1970.

Connie’s Hot Buttered Rum

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the serving of my Mom’s Hot Buttered Rum. It’s sooo good! And, yes, my Mom is Connie.

This cocktail is a crowd pleaser and so easy to make! And, its great for adults and kiddies (just omit the Rum or Brandy for them and serve a mocktail). This drink is so great, we recommend that you drink it all winter to help keep you warm. Since, this is … Read more

Dave Wondrich’s Zombie

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Mulled Cider

Mulled Cider is a traditional holiday party punch that's sure to please

Yellow Bird #1

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Quarter Deck Cocktail

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Orangecello Champagne Cocktail

Sent by J. Vurek.… Read more

Nude Beach

Twister anyone?… Read more

Mauna Kea Martini

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Jamaica Me Crazy

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