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Happy Pi Day! (A Mathematical Reason to Drink)

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Today is Pi Day! (March 14 is 3/14 … pi’s first digits are 3.14 … get it?) Even if the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter isn’t the type of thing you’d normally celebrate, Pi Day is another great reason to mix a cocktail.

The fun folks at ThinkGeek came up with this cocktail:

The ThinkGeek Pi-Tini

~ 3.14 ounces of blueberry vodka

~ “Measure the diameter of the glass in centimeters, then … Read more

Star Wars + Keg = Beer2-D3

Paul Loughridge took a Heineken mini-keg and made Beer2-D3, distant cousin to Star Wars droid R2-D2. Genius!

Maybe he needs a Beer-3PO to help keep him out of trouble.

[Via Make]… Read more