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Swing State Spritzer

Are your state’s electoral votes still up for grabs? Mix up the Swing State Spritzer, and chill out as the race heats up!… Read more

Election Day Drinks – Vote for the Cocktail Party!

What party does Drink of the Week support?
The Cocktail Party, of course!

Demo-licious Margarita

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Romney Hood Cocktail

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Elephant’s Tail

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The Victory Cocktail

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Running Mate

Created by top LA mixologist, Rob Floyd, Basil Hayden’s Running Mate is the perfect cocktail to mix up while watching the results come in on Election Night!… Read more

Election Day Drinking Game

This is a once-in-every-four-years event, so cocktails are in order.

Take a drink every time:
    A state changes color on the TV news electoral map The is a “breaking story” News says this is the most important, symbolic, historic election in US history We see how the candidates spent the day Station touts it’s coverage as the best, the leader, etc… There is a Pundit battle News interviews Joe the Plumber or any of us
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