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Ron Swanson Visits a Molecular Mixology Bar

Stick with it, totally worth it.

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Top Five Drinks Trends for 2012

2012 is here! We'd been waiting for it, watching it creep upon us but for some reason, it's still surprising when it actually gets here. Now that the hoopla has died down, we have been thinking about what will be popular on the wine and spirits front in 2012

Hump Day Liquor Links

It may be stormin’ outside, but this weeks links are little gems of sunshine.

    The United States of Good Beer (Good) America’s Drunkest Cities (Men’s Health) Starbuck’s New Trenta holds a whole bottle of wine (Eater) Tipping at the bar vs. tipping at the table (Chow) Margarita Cupcakes with Tequila Shooter Toppers (The Awl) The rise and fall of the British pub (The Telegraph) Beer Cans, a History in Design (Gastronomista)
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The Pickle Back

A trend that seems practically made for St. Patrick’s Day is the Pickle Back — a shot of Irish whiskey followed with a shot of pickle juice. It may sound strange, but it’s a phenomenon that’s hitting New York hot spots like the Breslin and the Randolph and making national news and getting attention.

And you know what? It actually is pretty amazing! I tried it with some Jameson and Krugerman Frischgurkens and the flavors … Read more