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The Sidecar

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There are numerous stories on the Sidecar’s origins. However, Harry’s Bar in Paris is generally credited with inventing the Sidecar for a patron who often rode in the sidecar of a motorcycle. Pictured is the Sidecar we drank at Harry’s.

I am grateful to this unknown and unsung mixologist who brought us this cocktail, as it is my personal favorite, and I am eternally grateful to the Bix in San Francisco for introducing me to … Read more

Milwaukee Parties Hardest

Forbes Magazine recently ranked the Nations metros on a five point scale for partying and it turns out Milwaukee, Wisconsin is tops when is comes to drinking and having fun. In fact 4 out of the top 5 are in the Midwest, proving that the heartland rocks. This really comes as no surprise to me, having spent two wonderful, partially inebriated years at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The School is consistently ranked as … Read more

How Many Cocktails?

I was up late last night watching this show “Secret Life of… Cocktails“, a great history of cocktails. If you get a chance it is worth the 30 minutes.

The part of the show for me is when they were theorizing on how many cocktail recipes are out there? Hundreds, Thousands, Millions? Someone tried to figure out the number of cocktail combinations that could be made out of the ingredients at your average bar.

The … Read more