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This Week’s Drink – Brandy Amanda

This is quite a busy week, with Chinese New Year, Presidents Day and Fat Tuesday right in a row and the Oscars coming up on Sunday. So enjoy them all and watch for some new themed cocktails for your Oscar Party.

This week’s drink was sent in by reader Cavan and is a refreshing mixture of cognac, apricot brandy, and lemon-lime soda (and we just can’t find enough good brandy drinks!). Thanks, Cavan!

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This Week’s Drink – Jamaican Winter

Shake off the cold with this Carribean delight. Easy to make and easier to drink, who doesn’t need a bit of Jamaican winter? Thanks, George L!

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This Week’s Drink – Bahareita

Happy Friday! This week’s drink comes to us from an anonymous reader who swears that the combination of cherries, Patron and chocolate milk sounds terrible, but tastes wonderful. It even helps with a hangover. Perfect for the holiday week we are embarking on today. Cheers!

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This Week's Drink – Pointsettia

Happy Hanukkah! Keeping in the holiday spirit, this week we feature a classic holiday cocktail. A refreshing combination of Cranberry, Champagne and Cointreau, Poitsettia’s are perfect for any holiday party.

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PS – We tried to find a Hanukkah cocktail to no avail. If you know of any good one’s send ‘em our way.… Read more

This Week’s Drink – Updated Egg Nog Martini

All wrapped up in email goodness is this holiday martini sent in by Nathan. Not sure if he cooked this up at home or the local bar. Either way, this is good stuff… good holiday stuff! I hope you are all enjoying the site. I have been adding a ton of content in the last few weeks including an Amazon Store chock full of barware, books, CDs and other things a good drinker might need.… Read more

Black Velvet

This week’s drink comes to use from the nice people at Guinness. This drink adds a bit of holiday sophistication to perfection that is a freshly poured Guinness. Adding champagne gives this Irish classic just a hint of fruity sweetness. Truly a fine way to toast the holiday season. Brilliant!

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Wicky Wacky Woo

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This week’s drink comes from my new friend, and UC Davis grad, Jessica. The Wiki Wacky Woo (WWW) is a Davis tradition dating started in the late 1990s at Bar Bernardo. The WWW features all of your clear spirits (gin, tequila, rum & vodka), similar to a Long Island, except the use 151 and then add triple sec, amaretto and 3 fruit juices. Most can drink only one, maybe two. Definitely, Wiki Wacky Woo. Thanks, … Read more

This Week’s Drink – Red Cicada

This week’s drink is an fun combo of vodka, champagne and everyone’s new friend, pomegranate juice. Thanks, Kris!

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Maliboo Witch’s Brew

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This one was sent over by the nice folks at Malibu Rum (actually their PR Agency). We almost made it to the Distillery in Barbados, but didn’t make it past the Mount Gay Distillery. There are resons for this best lest for another time. Barbados is said to be the birthplace of rum, having produced it for more than 350 years. Wow! Barbadian rum is much lighter than other rums, which helps give Malibu it’s … Read more

Death by Fire

Less than two weeks until tricks, treats and drinks. Adults have made this ghoulish holiday one of the top party days of the year, and why not. You get to dress up, play games and act like a kid, all with adult beverages.
Yes, you can still have some candy corns.

We’ve got some great Halloween Cocktails shots and punches, including This Week’s Drink – Death By Fire, a crazy shot of Goldschlager, 151 and … Read more

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