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Unique Fruit and Herb Cocktail Combinations

post iconExciting fruit and herb cocktail combinations …Read More

Watermelon Jalapeño Slush

post iconWatermelon Jalapeno Slush ~ a sweet and spicy summer cocktail treat …Read More

What’s the difference between a cream liqueur and a crème liqueur?

post iconCream liqueur and creme liqueur aren’t the same. So what’s the difference? …Read More

Maple Bacon Bloody Mary

post iconMaple Bacon Bloody Mary: Yes, everything is better with bacon! …Read More

Sangria Basics

post iconSangria 101: It is so good … and so easy! …Read More

Martin Miller’s DIY Gift Pack Giveaway

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It’s still Summer, so why not giveaway some cool stuff to make cocktails and a $150 Amex Gift Card. Simply like this page, comment or like Martin Miller’s Facebook Page and you’ll be entered to win a DIY Summer Cocktail Gift Pack containing a shaker and other bar tools, a copy of our book DIY Cocktails and $150 Amex Gift Card (for incidentals).

* To enter you must be at least 21 years of age … Read more

Manhattans: Stirred Not Shaken

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The Manhattan is one of my favorite cocktails, yet some bars make me sad by shaking this drink instead of stirring it. Overall, a good rule of thumb to follow is that if a drink consists of all alcoholic mixers (as this one does), then stirring is sufficient to mix the drink. As Robert Hess points out in this instructional video, it also makes for a much more visually appealing cocktail. Check out this video … Read more

Lychee Gimlet

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Until this drink, I’d never had a cocktail made with fresh lychees. Their bumpy shell houses a squishy, gelatinous fruit with a little seed inside that. It tastes like a sweeter more syrupy grape with an exotic fruit twist. Nolet’s Gin sent me a box of lychees and a suggestion for how to use them … a Gimlet made with lychees. How could I resist?

In case you’ve never seen a lychee before (I hadn’t), … Read more

How to Muddle

post iconMany cocktail recipes tell you to “muddle” ingredients. We’ll explain what a muddler is and how you use it to make cocktails. …Read More

How to Make Flavored Syrup

post iconDIY technique: Make your own flavored syrup … any flavor …Read More

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