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Herradura Splash

Recipe courtesy of Herradura Tequila.… Read more

Horny Goat

House specialty of the Billy Goat Tavern.Read more


The rum Cosmo!Read more

Long Beach Ice Tea

A West Coast twist on an East Coast classic!… Read more

Holiday Sunset

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Wicky Wacky Woo

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This week’s drink comes from my new friend, and UC Davis grad, Jessica. The Wiki Wacky Woo (WWW) is a Davis tradition dating started in the late 1990s at Bar Bernardo. The WWW features all of your clear spirits (gin, tequila, rum & vodka), similar to a Long Island, except the use 151 and then add triple sec, amaretto and 3 fruit juices. Most can drink only one, maybe two. Definitely, Wiki Wacky Woo. Thanks, … Read more

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