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Super Bowl Sunday in the Marina

Final Final

OK, so the name suggests that this should be the last stop. However, being the farthest away from home, we made it our first. I also chose the Final Final because it is one of my favorite sports bars in the San Francisco. It has tons of good quality flat screens, pool tables, some decent bar food and good strong drinks! It is also complete with all of the essential sports bar paraphernalia, … Read more

Redneck Cat Carrier

What can we say? Big Jeff Foxworthy fans and it just kinda fits.

Moar funny pictures.… Read more

Alcohol – An Ancient Medicine

Great article from Natalie Angier of the New York Times that discuses some of the scientific and sociological reasons for human-kinds love of alcohol.

Every human culture recorded has fermented some sort of beer, wine or spirit. According to Angier, even the first chocolate drinks were fermented, which certainly gives new meaning to the word “chocoholic.”

Back in the day sanitation wasn’t always so good, so people used booze to kill bacteria. It seems that … Read more

2007 – A Drinker’s Look Back

As we close the bar on 2007, I felt it appropriate to take a look back. Sure everyone does these lists, but it is fun to look at the year that was. I I figure, hey! why not?

So with out further ado, here are some of my favorites from 2007.


– Gin, The New Vodka?
– Super Bowl Cocktails
– Top 10 US Party Cities

– Suck & Blow
– Presidential … Read more

India Overturns Law Banning Women Bartenders

After nearly 100 years, women can once again tend bar in New Delhi. This 1914 British law was overturned by the Indian Supreme Court last week giving women access to one of the more lucrative professions in India.

The cocktail craze has hit India, with trendy bars sprouting up all over the country. A bartender in New Delhi, Mumbai, or Hyderabad can earn $1000 (US) per month, nearly 4 times that of the average call … Read more

FM Holiday Gadget Guide – Electric Martini Maker

Being a part of Federated Media puts us in good company and involved in some pretty cool stuff. One of these is the Holiday Gadget Guide, now in it’s second year and expanding beyond tech gadgets, adding toys, clothing, books and home gadgets. Just as last year, the editors of tops sites such as Boing Boing, Make, OhGizmo and CrunchGear have picked their favorite gadgets from the world of tech, design and plain old coolness.… Read more

Edible Candy Cane Shot Glasses

This is the best holiday party item we’ve see yet! This pair of shot glasses, made of real candy cane, are perfect for a hefty serving of cinnamon or peppermint schnapps.

We recommend serving our Candy Cane shot in these ever so Holiday of vessels.

Candy Cane Shot Glasses ~ Set of 2 edible shot glasses… Read more

Guinness Surger

Guinness Brewmaster Fergal Murray launched the latest technology from Guinness’ the Surger Unit. An event took place at ESPN Zone in Times Square. Fergal was joined by former Dallas Cowboy Daryl “Moose” Johnson to serve pints with proceeds going to RADD, the entertainment industry’s voice for road safety. The Guinness Surger Unit enables you to get a perfect pint every time, everywhere.

At the touch of a button, the new Surger unit uses small sound … Read more

Holiday Survival Guide

This Holiday season, the folks at Newcastle Brown Ale enlisted noted TV chef  “Sam the Cooking Guy“ (a.k.a. Sam Zien) to author a Holiday Survival Guide. Known for his edgy, humorous no muss, no fuss approach to cooking, Sam gives holiday entertainers all the ammo they need to prepare spicy cocktails, barbecued turkey, Newcastle-infused dessert and much more.

“Everyone is familiar with the challenges of holiday travel, jam-packed family time and the busy shopping season,” … Read more

Iz Caturday Sumware

Happy Friday, everyone!

Read more

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