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Key Chain Breathalizer

Just for St. Patrick’s Day, CrunchGear reviewed this Key Chain Breathalizer that can be had for under $5 bucks. It even comes with a flashlight and stopwatch! Doug tested it and it works, even beat the penny trick. Still, he felt it is more of a toy, but for $5 who cares.

Read the whole review at CrunchGear.… Read more

The Bass Brolly for a Perfect Black & Tan

This St. Patrick’s Day, make the perfect Black & Tan with your very own Brolly from Bass Ale. What is it? The Brolly, a British term for umbrella, is a triangular piece of metal with holes punched around the perimeter and 3 arms for packing atop your beer glass. Using this instead of the unreliable spoon back will result in a perfect Black & Tan every time. Best of all the Brolly is free on … Read more

Video of the Week – NightClub & Bar Booth Babes

We put together a montage of some of the nice young ladies we met at the NightClub & Bar Tradeshow in Vegas.

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Heineken BeerTender

From BoingBoing Gadgets, Joel Johnson gives us the run down on this home draft beer dispenser from Heineken.

From the pictures it looks great and serves bar quality drafts. Still at $300, bottles may work just as well for your next party.

Heineken BeerTender – Boing Boing Gadgets… Read more

Stoli Blackberi Review

One of the many product we had the pleasure to try in Vegas is Stoli’s newest flavor, Blackberi. I don’t think it is available yet, but trust me it will be worth the wait. I tried it over ice with soda, a what a delightful twist to straight vodka. As with many other Stoli flavors, the blackberry flavor does not over power or taste too sweet. It is almost an essence of the fruit.

I … Read more

Tao – Las Vegas

Tao Night Club in the Venetian Hotel is amazingly decorated with an Asian theme. Think lots of candles and lots of Buddhas, kinda like a Temple. This three-story behemoth of a club was ranked one of the top 100 bars and clubs in the US for 2007. (The photo above is from the balcony. Nice view!)… Read more

George Clooney Martini Commercial

This week’s video is a cheeky European commercial starring George Clooney. Martini vermouth is the subject of this swanky episode.


Martini… Read more

Drunkest Presidents

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From Maxim comes this list of our 8 most liquor-soaked US Presidents. I am wondering how they narrowed down to only eight.

The list:

Martin Van Buren
Franklin Pierce
James Buchanan
Chester A. Arthur
Grover Cleveland
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Richard Nixon
George W. Bush

How did they miss Harding and as commenter Jason reminds us US Grant !?!

Americas Drunkest Presidents… Read more

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Chocolates

The Maker’s Mark folks are at it again with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. We got a box of Maker’s Mark Bourbon Chocolates at Christmas and have never had a better liquor-soaked confection. They mix bourbon with a creme filling so the liquor taste is smooth and doesn’t squirt out like other liquor filled chocolates I’ve had.

To help celebrate Valentine’s Day, Maker’s Mark sent along a few love poems to include with a box:… Read more

Pinky Vodka Review

Pinky is a new vodka from Sweden. Made by master wine tasters, it is a super premium vodka distilled 5 times. Pinky is then blended with 12 botanicals (most notably wild strawberries, rose petals and violets). Each of these botanicals is distilled separately prior to being blended with the vodka. This gives Pinky its namesake hue and vibrant flavor. Unlike other flavored vodkas, the Pinky process yields a ton of flavor but no excess sweetness.… Read more

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