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Imbibe: An Homage to “Professor” Jerry Thomas

19th-century bartender Jerry Thomas is known as the father of the American cocktail and most just called him “Professor.” With stints in New York, London, San Francisco and other cities about the globe, he spread cocktail culture the world over.

Imbibe! is Jerry’s story and a great read. The author does a great job of capturing cocktail culture of the late 1800s. Truly a great read.

Imbibe!: From Absinthe Cocktail to Whiskey Smash, a Salute Read more

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Independence Day Omakase

Happy 4th. We’ve gathered a few fun links for your enjoyment!

10 Other Things That Happened on July 4th [Mental Floss]
Extreme Grilling []
Regional Recipes and Cocktails [Food Network]
Red, White & Booze
More 4th of July Cocktails [The Hostess Blog]

Fun debate on Asylum:

    America rejoins the British Empire
    Britain become the 51st State

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Flick Your Bic – Cocktail Lighters

Despite many cities and states banning smoking in bars, drinking and smoking still are fast friends. To remind us all, the folks at Bic recently created this these fun cocktail-themed lighters. So as you are lighting up, you can remember your favorite cocktail. Some of the drinks included are the Martini, Screwdriver and Mojito.… Read more

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i’m talkathon

You may have seen all the banner for the “i’m talkathon” on this site and others.

What is it?

It is an event, sponsored by Microsoft, that lets you donate to one of the excellent charities pictured above by simply IMing your friends using Windows Messenger or Hotmail. Check out the site, IM your friends over the next 30 days, and help out great causes like the Humane Society, UNICEF, and the Sierra Club.

Talk, … Read more


Absinthe Gummi Bears

A little restaurant called Tailor in NYC created this very adult candy. Not to be mistaken for a normal, mostly sugar Gummi Bears of your childhood, these bruins are 85% absinthe with a touch of gelatin and sugar to hold it all together.

Served along side an espresso, the absinthe gummi bear is a true cocktail treat. And no need to order it and seem like a lush. Simply order an espresso and your new … Read more

The Whiskeyburger Cocktail

I was reading Esquire and came across this most interesting of cocktails.

In the ever fashionable trend of “Molecular Mixology” a few Esquire staffers created the Wiskeyburger Cocktail, described by Esquire’s David Wondrich as “a glass of tan liquid with some greenish froth on top and a dill-pickle slice hanging off the rim.”

According to Wondrich, the exchange went like this:

What’s this? we asked.


Okay. What’s in it?

“Beefskey, tomato syrup, mustard —

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Remy V.S.O.P Bottle by David LaChapelle Review

Remy Martin recently partnered with artist David LaChapelle to create
a limited-edition VSOP bottle that unleashed the youthful energy of Remy Martin VSOP. Remy also asked LaChapelle to draw on the cognac’s origins, the cabaret scene at Parisian nightclubs during the Jazz Age. What he came up is a stunning bottle featuring a sensual woman dancing in a vibrant, intensely colored jungle with a powerful leopard leaping through the air.

Only 150,000 of these bottle … Read more

Purple Drank, the Anti-Energy Drink

Drink makers are capitalizing on the the underground phenomenon, Purple Drank, with this anti-energy drink. It’s not the drink containing promethazine-codeine.

This Drank is a grape flavored concoction with a touch of with melatonin, valerian root and rose hips. I have absolutely no idea what these things are or what they do, but the creator says they calm folks down.

They say it works, especially when mixed with vodka. With the tag line “slow your … Read more

The Ultimate Scotch Lovers Trip

Perfect for Father’s Day, Chivas Regal is offering a once in a lifetime journey to Scotland for two. The $120,000 week-long trip includes:

    First class airfare, helicopter and ground transportation
    Lodging, a private mansion with a full-service staff, world-class hospitality
    Privately prepared meals from one of Scotland’s most acclaimed chefs
    A round of golf at the World famous St. Andrew’s Link
    An intimate dinner with the Duke of Argyll at his home, Inveraray Castle (a

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Happy Cat

Happy Cat knows when to say when. Be like Happy Cat, drink responsibly and don’t drive.

More cat pictures.… Read more

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