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Star Wars + Keg = Beer2-D3

Paul Loughridge took a Heineken mini-keg and made Beer2-D3, distant cousin to Star Wars droid R2-D2. Genius!

Maybe he needs a Beer-3PO to help keep him out of trouble.

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Cool Cocktail Gadget ~ The Bottle ‘Biner

The Bottle ‘Biner is the three-in-one tool I had no idea I needed. But I do need it. Thanks to the fine folks at FRED, there is one handy gadget that serves as a corkscrew, bottle opener and carabiner.

Now you’ll be prepared to go on that beer and wine nature hike you’ve always wanted to plan. You’re welcome.

(Hopefully unnecessary disclaimer: You can attach this handy carabiner to your backpack, belt or purse, and Read more

Sophisticated ‘Tilt’ Barware

On the lookout for cool barware, I found the Nambe Tilt collection. This unique glassware will add flare to any home bar.

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iBreath, the iPod Breathalizer

The ultimate iPod accessory, the iBreath, aims to keep us all safe with an easy to use breathalyzer for the iPod and iPhone. The small device attaches to the iPod’s charging port, needs no additional power and even doubles as an FM Transmitter to stream your tunes in the car.

Some drink driving prevention advocates say that the iBreath may be misused and allow drunk driver to “practice” taking a breathalyzer. There will always be … Read more

A Gift for the Impatient Drinker

The Wine and Liquor Accelerator claims to age a drink three years in 10 seconds and 20 years in three minutes. So if you’re too impatient to let your wine or spirits breathe before drinking … maybe let it sit for one three seconds?

Could this be the cheapest way to enjoy perfectly aged booze during times of belt-tightening?

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Host in Style With the Apothecary Beverage Dispenser

Punches and sangria are a great way to serve a party full of holiday guests. This fantastic Apothecary Beverage Dispenser is a stylish way to serve the thirsty masses.

Not only does it take up less space than a traditional punch bowl, but it keeps the punch safe inside a closed container. Attractive and practical!

And, you know, it would make a pretty good gift. As of posting date, it’s on sale for $40.

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Make Your Own Wine with WinePod

What are these people doing? Giving carnal pleasure to a robot?

No! They are making their own wine at home. And computers are involved!

WinePod is a home winemaking system that “presses, ferments and manages wine” in one unit.

You can connect it to your computer and get instructions, advice from wine pros and online support. It even has its own social network.

And all for only $4,499 (or $6,349 if you include grapes, accessories … Read more

Get a Grip on Your Wine Glass

The always-enchanting Fred & Friends does it again. This time it’s the Get a Grip! snap-on wine glass holder.

Holding your glass by the stem (so as not to affect the temperature) can be slippery business.

Aside from helping you hang on to your glass, the color-coded holders also help you remember which one is yours.

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The Beer Belt

Most humans only have two hands. This makes it a challenge to carry the appropriate amount of beer around at parties or other beer-drinking occasions.

Well, you can kiss that inconvenience goodbye thanks to the Beer Belt.

This holster can hold six bottles or cans. And it’s made of nylon and plastic for easy cleaning. (Because, really, it would be embarrassing to wear a dirty beer belt.)

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Halloween Beer/Punch Pong Party Game

Is there really a need to elaborate here? It’s beer pong with a spooky theme. Feel free to substitute your favorite Halloween Punch for beer.

As always, party responsibly! It says so on the box.

Halloween Punch Pong Party Game
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